The British Hanoverian Horse Society

Welcome to the homepage of the British Hanoverian Horse Society (BHHS). The BHHS is a full daughter society of the Verband hannoverscher Warmblutzüchter (Hanoverian Warmblood Breeders’ Association) in Germany.

The impressive record of Hanoverian horses internationally underlines the importance of the relationship between a sound breeding programme and the highest level of achievement in sport.

Throughout the following pages you will be able to find details of how to become a member of the society plus all you need to know about registering your mare, registering the birth of a foal and how to get it branded, putting forward a colt for licensing as a stallion and the performance tests for mares and stallions.

You will also be able to follow the latest Hanoverian news, find out details of shows and events and who to contact for more information.



                                                                            Updated 20th August 2014

                                                                    Saturday 23rd August 2014

                                                                      All timings are approximate


Ring 1

Class number




Stallions on hard ground



Stallion loose jumping



Mare loose jumping and studbook inspection



Stallions on the triangle



Lunch break



Mare Performance Test



WBS-UK Mare grading and championship



Regional Foal Show and Qualifier







Ring 2





Stud Book Inspection



Foal Branding









Social Event in the stables





                                                                          Sunday 24th August 2014



Ring 1

Class Number




Yearling Fillies



Two Year Old Fillies



Three Year Old Fillies



Youngstock Championship



Foal Championship



Lunch Break



Four and Five Year Old Mares



Six to Nine Year Old Mares



Ten Year Old Mares



Thoroughbred Mares



Mare Championship



Supreme Championship














Reminder to all breeders.

Please return all covering certificates to the office and notify the society of your foals birth.

If you have not had your foal identification form and DNA envelopes please contact the office.

To confirm your place at a regional foal show your form should have been completed and returned to Sue Simmons, Lane End Cottage, Astwith Common, Pilsley, Chesterfield, S45 8AJ.  07958955196 Anyone needing help or advice on the shows and gradings please get in touch.


 Mare performance test dates 2014.

18th October 2014,  Richmond Equestrian Centre, Richmond, DL10 7PL

If you have a mare to test please contact Sue Simmons on or 07958955196 for an entry form or download an entry form here



Please note the BHHS has a new address and telephone number.

The British Hanoverian Horse Society,

The Courtyard,

Hemploe Business Park,

Hemploe Drive,




Telephone      07824443504








Membership 2014

Please note that Full membership for 2014 is due by 31st March 2014.

Full membership £45 and associate membership £20.

Form available

Annual show 2015

Forward notice the 2015 BHHS Annual show will be held at College Equestrain centre, Keysoe on 26 and 27th September 2015.

The 2014 BHHS Annual show is on 23rd and 24th August 2014, at Hartpury.

Foals from 2014

If you have a foal to passport and brand born in 2014, please contact Sue Simmons, as soon as possible, on 07958955196 or email


Breed Orientation Course in Germany 2015 details to follow.


For more information please contact Monika Meyer, ph.:  49-42 31-67 37 14, fax:  49-42 31-67 37 12,

Hanoverian Studs and Breeders Tour
From August 6 - 10 Verden will host the Herwart von der Decken-Show and the International Dressage and Show-Jumping Festival with the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses. On the following weekend August 16 and 17 ca. 180 top-class foals and about 20 two-year-old and pregnant older broodmares will be offered for sale in the Niedersachsenhalle If you plan on coming to Verden for these two events we have an interesting offer for you to spend the time between them.

From 12th - 15th August we offer the Hanoverian Studs and Breeders Tour to English speaking interested parties. The tour consists of four day trips, on which we would like to take you to interesting breeders farms and training barns. In addition it includes short lectures about the Hanoverian breeding programme and stallion lines in Hanover. You have the possibility to book the entire tour or individual days you are interested in. The detailed programme to be determined.

For more information please contact Monika Meyer, ph.: 49-42 31-67 37 14, fax: 49-42 31-67 37 12, e-mail:


Results from the Annual show 2013

Wild Child licensed.

The two year old by Wavavoom out of Elite Farouche, has been licensed with the BHHS.


Supreme Championship
      Champion:    Fortunatus  
      Reserve:   Dizzy Rascal  


The Mare Performance test


Photographs by Kevin Sparrow


Lebensman Trophy Mare Performance Test Dizzy Rascal



Horses Name Sire Dam Owner Placing
Dizzy Rascal Dimaggio Byzantia Victoria Moss 1st (8.38)
Dabadoo M Dancier Lynn Carolyn Watson 2nd (7.79)
Fantasia Fuerst Romancier St Pr St Hawaii John Cassidy = 3rd (7.71)
Werona Wolkentanz II St Pr St Santina Judith Davis = 3rd (7.71)
Dorissima Don Ricoss Godington Abyssinia Veronique Skinner 5th (7.5)
Dark Chili Don Frederico St Pr St Sweet Chili Bruce Matthews 6th (6.92)


Colt foals

Horses Name Sire Dam Owner Placing
Fortunatus Floriscount Delta Sandra Tinker 1st
Dances With Wolves  Dancier Rosella Nicola WIlliams 2nd
Quattro Quasar De Charry Belladonna Judith Davis 3rd
Walk This Way Wavavoom First Lady Lynne Crowden 4th
Detroit Blues Desiderio Piroschka Lynne Crowden 5th
Gaius Gluecksfall Luna Lightning xx K. E. Hay 6th

Filly Foals

Horses Name Sire Dam Owner Placing
Sugar Pie Supertramp Elite Foxy Lady Deborah Green 1st
Burlesque Bon Bravour Don Karon Beverley Rumbold 2nd
Frappucino Gold Flammengold Freya Jenny Belloy 3rd
Happy Days Hotline St Pr St Limoncello Sara Lucas 4th
Supermodel Supertramp St Pr St Nathalie/T Woodcroft Stud 5th

Maureen Hames Breeder of the Best British Foal Sugar Pie
Glucksfall Best British Bred Filly Sugar Pie
Gymnast Challenge Best Filly Foal Sugar Pie
Matrose Memorial Best British Bred Colt Walk This Way
Ambron  Best Colt Foal Fortunatus
Heinz Timmel Best German Bred Foal Fortunatus
Friedensherr Shield Champion Foal Fortunatus

Champion Foal:  Fortunatus
Reserve Champion Foal:   Sugar Pie

Yearling Filly


Horses Name Sire Dam Owner Placing
Donna Brienna Don Ricoss Bella Chiara Tara Osborn 1st 
San Serentina St Moritz Junior Lady Cathryn Dutton 2nd
De Votion De Niro Wiebke J Angie Raith 3rd



Heinz Timmel  Best Yearling Filly Donna Brienna


Two year old


Horses Name Sire Dam Owner Placing
For Your Love For Compliment St Pr St Louisiana Lynne Crowden 1st



Weinberg Trophy Best 2 year old  Filly For Your Love


Three year old Filly


Horses Name Sire Dam Owner Placing
Sassi Neri San Amour Donna Lisa Judith Davis 1st (1A)
Dark Chili Don Frederico St Pr St Sweet Chili Bruce Matthews 2nd (1A)
Borasco Buddenbrock/T Wanda Nicole Nelson 3rd 
Doncherie  Don Ricoss Bea Vicki Hornby 4th
Barchetta Barclay Delta Sandra Tinker 5th




Galant Cup Best 3 year old Mare Sassi Neri



Youngstock Champion:  For Your Love
Reserve Youngstock Champion:  Sassi Neri


Four and Five year olds


Horses Name Sire Dam Owner Placing
Dizzy Rascal Dimaggio Byzantia Victoria Moss 1st (1A; Elite Candidate)
Dolce Vita Daddy Cool Elite Siena Judith Davis 2nd (1A; Elite Candidate)
Werona Wolkentanz II St Pr St Santina Judith Davis 3rd (1A; Elite Candidate)
Dorissima Don Ricoss Godington Abysinnia Veronique Skinner 4th (1A; Elite Candidate)
Dabadoo M Dancier Lynn Carolyn Watson 5th (1A; Elite Candidate)
Fantasia Fuerst Romancier St Pr St Hawaii John Cassidy 6th
Emotion Embassy I  For Fun A. Ramseier 7th



Accord Cup 4-5 year old Mare Dizzy Rascal


Six to nine year old mares


Horses Name Sire Dam Owner Placing
Elite Foxy Lady Florencio I St Pr St Savannah Lynne Crowden 1st
Belladonna Bellissimo M St Pr St Sautina Judith Davis 2nd



Guardian Cup 6 year old  Mare Elite Foxy Lady


Ten year old mares and over


Horses Name Sire Dam Owner Placing
Rouletta Roadster St Pr St Warina A. Ramseier 1st
St Pr Limoncello Londonderry Ballzeit Sara Lucas 2nd
Piroschka Prince Thatch xx Gina Charlie Hughes 3rd
St Pr St Hawaii Harvard Habanera J. Cassidy 4th



Longdean Cup 10 year old plus Mare Rouletta


Thoroughbred mares


Horses Name Sire Dam Owner Placing
Luna Lightning xx Rainbow High xx Wilomeno xx K. E. Hay 1st



Alvescott Cup Best TB Mare Luna Lightening xx


Part Bred foal


Horses Name Sire Dam Owner Placing
Farfalla Flammengold El Dolce Laura Timkins 1st



Ted Green Cup Best Part-Bred Foal Farfalla


Part Bred two or three year old


Horses Name Sire Dam Owner Placing
Dona White Diamond Don Ricoss White Diamond Tracy Fall 1st


Mare Families


Horses Name Sire Dam Owner Placing
Bea  Bergamon Dommoewe Sandra Tinker 2nd
Doncherie Don Ricoss Bea Vicki Hornby
Royal Noir Royal Classic Bea Sandra Tinker
St Pr St Hawaii Harvard Habanera John Cassidy 1st
Fantasia Fuerst Romancier St Pr St Hawaii John Cassidy
Bojangkes Bretton Woods St Pr St Hawaii Helen Travis



Chris Kitchen Trophy Mare Family St Pr St Hawaii



Mare Champion:  Dizzy Rascal
Reserve Mare Champion:  Rouletta




Membership and fees for 2014 now due.
Membership subscriptions, mare and stallion fees are now due for 2014. Membership paid before 31st March 2014 is £45 and rises to £50 on 1st April 2014.

Breed Orientation Course 2015

This course is an in-depth learning experience, offering lectures on bloodlines in Hanover and on the Hanoverian breeding programme; it includes the practical judging of horses, a visit to the State Stud at Celle and to the stallion performance testing station at Adelheidsdorf.



Foal registration, branding and passports.

Please notify the society when foals are born to organise passports. Please use the address and details at the top of this page.

We would like to remind all breeders that according to the breeding rules of the society "The birth of a foal must be reported within 28 days to the authorised representative of the BHHS". If you have not already done so, please could you send to John Shenfield as soon as possible a copy of the covering certificate for any foals born this year. This is vital information to enable the timely registration and branding of foals.




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